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Friday, June 17, 2011

InstaFriday... Night.

It's Friday night.

The kids are asleep.

Dave's at the driving range with Todd and Bryan.

And I'm blogging. Alone.

Watching Friday Night Lights.

Happy as a clam.

What has become of my life?


Our week. In Instagram pics.  On time for once!  Barely.


Eddie puts meth in the Almond Joy Carbolite.  I know it.  I just can't prove it.

He's also trying to sneak the ghetto Reese's into the topping line-up.

You know.  The Palmer's bunny ear garbage cups?  Not happy.

I'm switching to Butterfinger until he comes correct.


This old ambulance has been parked in the garage at work.

Screams Dan Aykroyd and green slime.

Vintage lifesaver.


I had high hopes for this fruit altering gadget.

And I'll say that it did not disappoint.

It does remove a bit too much of the strawberry for my liking.

But we can't have the world, can we?


Kayla loves Photo Booth.

Ashlyn was mid-flu and not loving much at all.


I love her.  I love her jewelry.

I love her thank-you gift for staying at our house while she sold her jewelry at Freak Fest.


She is a 3rd grader.  We have a 3rd grader.  How and when did this happen?


These are my parents.  They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last week.

We also celebrated their dear friend, Eddie Montague.

He was inducted into the Peninsula Hall of Fame for his 30+ years as a major league umpire.

Along with lots of other people we didn't really care about.

That missed the 3 minute memo.

And gave reeeeaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG acceptance speeches.

But it was worth it for Eddie. He is a wonderful guy.

Who gives a witty, short and concise acceptance speech.


Killing time before Community Group.

Pasta with butter for the girls.

Tostada pizza with lime chicken for me.


Ashlyn finished up at the Early Start program yesterday.

She starts a new school next month. We're excited.

But we'll miss Teacher Jackie. And Renee. And Marie. And Maria. Alot.


We went to the fair last night.

We're all happy and smily here.

But it was kind of a debacle.

Ashlyn wanted to go on the ferris wheel and she was 3 inches too short.

Kayla wanted to join the Half Moon Bay 4-H. Right then. As in, leave the fair with them.

Ashlyn decided she liked the cow milking simulator.  Which made me gag.

We spent $60 in 38 minutes.

Tower of Power was playing.

And my corn dog was burnt.

But the carnies were out.

Which made everything alright.




  1. Nothing better than carnies...NOTHING!

  2. sweet jewelry-wow!
    i love how quickly money disappears at a fair. the carnies are so worth it, you're right.
    you're also pretty-i mean, look at you and that smile!


  3. strawberry stem remover...i am too cheap and want every bit of the strawberry i can eat!

    oh that necklace is PERFECT for you!

  4. are you sure that is an ambulance and not a hearse? it looks quite "one way trip" to me.

    also. i'm taking on the carnies in the bike lanes tomorrow night. they better watch out!