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Monday, November 19, 2012

Goodbye, Friend.

March 2, 2001 is forever etched in my memory.

Dave was working on an ambulance in Santa Clara county.

I was working in a cubicle in Foster City.

We had just moved into our first house.

He called telling me that he and his partner had just come across a litter of puppies.

His partner was taking one, the rest were already claimed.

Except for one.

A clumsy little guy with gigantic paws.

That had already been returned once.

I asked what breed.

He told me.

I said no way.

He said ok.

Then we hung up.

Then he called back.

And I caved.

And I'm so happy I did.

He was our first baby.

He taught us so much about life, parenting and sacrifice.

And replacing couches.  And dining room chairs.  And sheetrock.  And sod.

He grew to be kind, loyal and so patient.

The best dog for our family.

He endured tea parties.

And dress-up.

And was often a puppy school teacher or student.

Or the ringmaster of a faux circus.

He loved our girls.

And they loved him.

I have peace with the fact that he lived a full life and left without suffering.

But our house is so quiet this morning.

And we are sad.

Thanks for being the best dog ever, Kobi boy.

We miss you so much.


  1. Our family dog passed away two years ago on mother's day. It was heart breaking and still is sometimes. I thought that after having children I would be as attached, but he was one of the kids too. I pray for comfort and peace for your family during this time. He was a gorgeous dog.

  2. best akita i ever did know.
    i always treasure my housesitting stories since he was always so good for me. :)
    i mean, i also made him sleep in the bed with me.
    and he was there when i had my first gallstone attack.
    and for planting a church.
    he is one of the family. i will miss the lovie for sure.

  3. Ouch. That hurts.
    Family dogs are really that---family.
    Love you!

  4. Im so sorry! The pain of losing a pet is fresh on my heart after my daughter's bday present last year(a kitten) got hit by a car back in April. He was literally the best kitty any of us had ever had and then all of a sudden...gone. We found him, too. It was excruciating to watch my girl go through this pain at only 7 yrs old. :(

  5. Making me cry this morning. I so totally know what you are going through. I know what it's like when they are truly a part of your family. Praying for you guys and the gap that is left...

  6. So sorry friend.
    No words to make this furry guy not be missed.
    I'm glad that I met him.
    Your girls will have sweet memories of their adventures together.
    Nothing quite like your first pet.
    Bye Kobi.

  7. Oh kobi..he was an amazing dog, really the gentlest giant I've ever met. He will be missed! let me know if the girls want to visit with Autumn, I'm sure they all would love it!

  8. Ahhhh . . . so sorry. So sad. Pets are the best. So hard to see go.

  9. praise jesus for sweet pets who enrich our lives here in this world. so glad you could know sweet kobi, he's a gift your girls will always carry in their hearts. for real.

    love you! xoxo