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Monday, December 3, 2012

Life Without A Dog. And Dave.

We're alive.

Not as sad.

Kobi's overpriced ashes are sealed in a cedar box on top of Kayla's dresser.

She added an angel Squinkie on top.

I can't decide if it's cute or weird.

I'm going to go with cute.

But now that I type it, it sounds weird.

When Dave gets home we'll bury him under the Japanese maple in our backyard.

She is doing well.

Sad that we couldn't fix him.

"You guys fixed Grandmums, mom!"

(Grandmums had a knee replacement a few months ago).

But we're all adjusting to the new dogless normal that is our house.

That will most likely only last through Spring.

Kayla is just not fully Kayla without a 4-legged creature by her side.

You may notice I haven't mentioned Ashlyn's reaction much.

There's not much to say.

She whined for about five minutes and told me Kobi is with Mufasa now.

Also, she likes cats.

Dave (and team pictured above) is in New Jersey working with Samaritan's Purse/Sandy Disaster Relief.

It's been interesting to see pictures and hear stories.

I'm excited for them to come home and hear more.

We've been filling our rainy days with puppy play dates.

Little Miss Muffet reinactments at school.

Cutie Vidal has a huge crush on our girl.

He saves her carpet marker on the piano until he sees her walk in and sets it down next to his.

Avoiding floods at church.

And cousin birthday dinners at Red Robin.

Oh, also.

Pintertest Kitchen link up is THIS Thursday.

I've been drowning my pet loss sorrows in sweets.

You'll hear all about them.

Kayla just left a panicky voicemail from the school office:

"There's something wrong with my eyes.  I can't see the board!!  I can't even see my friends hair!!
So, I probably need some help seeing...  Love you.  Bye..."

And another one.  5 minutes later.

"My friend sat on my lunch.  Can you bring a new one?"


Happy Monday.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is hard. I pray that your family finds peace soon. :)

  2. on the bright side kayla saw her friend sit on her lunch. :-)

    as of Oct 29th, we have been dogless for 2 years. truth is i am not an animal lover... i miss belle more than anyone else. i took video and photos of her the day before we took her to "the farm." bad idea.

    michael's grandfather is in a box in the b.l. house... he is waiting for gram to join him. sometimes when i enter the room i say, "hi gramps!" there are no stuffed angel on his box, and it is still weird.

    it's been fun seeing kim's pix on f.b. of the n.j. trip.

  3. I read your post about losing your dog and my heart hurt so much for you I couldn't even comment at the time. I'm so so sorry. Pets are amazing companions. Two years ago we had to put our cat down and I'm still heartbroken. Cant think about him without tearing up...
    Love the messages! Glad she fan see to dial the phone :)

  4. So sorry for your loss and I am offering up our sweet dog anytime. He is great around kids and needs more attention. Hugs!!

  5. Hey - let Dave know you are going to bury him when he gets home ;-)
    GOOOOO Labradoodle !

  6. oh, hey zuzia.

    and hey there, heart-breaker ashlyn.