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Friday, November 9, 2012

A Full Fall.

Over the past few Sundays, I've left church with the same thought swirling in my head.

And holding 15 horse models, 8 Lion King figurines, 2 jackets, 4 books and a cupcake caddy.

Sometimes I feel like it would be easier to bring a suitcase.

But back to the swirling thought.

God wants us to be joyful.

He wants GOOD for us.

Not to say that things will always go "our way" or "as planned" or perfectly.

Regardless, we are to be content in all circumstances.

The unplanned, unexpected and difficult detours work for good to those who trust Him.

And it's usually AFTER you've passed them that you realize this precious truth.

Our fall season has been joyful.

And just plain FULL.

We've done far more living than I've been documenting.

So this is a catch-up of sorts.

About our little family.

Because that is why I blog.

To document the happy peaks and the life-lesson valleys.

And all that's in between.

Dave played softball on Friday nights.

And may have been ejected from a game.

For accusing the ump of having a vision impairment.

"Mommy, why is daddy not playing?"

"Ask your daddy."

Ashlyn tried soccer for the first time.

Kayla opted out and offered to help with the banner.

And eat orange wedges.

She scored two goals all season.

For opposing teams.

And cheered like she won the World Cup.

We all have to start somewhere.

The girls started kindergarten and fourth grade.

Both have teachers that are Giants fans and love their schools.

Although Ashlyn's not thrilled with certain extracurriculars.

"I don't Liiiike yoga!  It's too hot!"

Such a sad life.

Kayla enjoys helping Ashlyn with her homework.

Which is a good thing.

I wasn't a big fan of homework in 1984 and I'm still not.

"Um.  Siri... what's a trapezoid?"

My mom treated my aunt, cousin and I to a fun girls trip in September.

To Sin City.

Go ahead and judge away.

Every city has it's rough parts.

I kind of feel like Vegas gets a bad wrap.

I mean.

Have you BEEN to House of Humor lately?!

Redwood City can be just as seedy.

We had a fabulous time.

And we didn't sin.


Perks of having a Captain for a Pop Pop?

Port access when the Disney cruise ship is in town.

Ashlyn was busy looking for the characters who were busy sight-seeing.

And wasn't thrilled with our plan to leave the ship without swimming.

We spent a few days in the desert last month thanks to Grandma Cee Cee.

We went swimming.

We snuck in a date night while Grandma stayed with the girls.

We saw animals at the Out of Africa wildlife park.

Including an exhibit with swimming tigers and trainers waving pool toys in the air and swimming with them.

No, thank you.

Ashlyn was asking for a blue uniform shirt so she could join them.

No, thank you.

The Giants almost gave Dave a coronary in front of the Jungle Hut.

It didn't help that all three of our phones died simultaneously during the bottom of the ninth.

And then we picked the tram back to the parking lot with the world's slowest, chattiest driver.

That stopped unexpectedly at the meerkat habitat.

To chat about meerkats for longer than anyone needs to know about meerkats.

But Kayla kissed a giraffe and the Giants won.

So all was right with the world.

Hope celebrated it's second birthday.

With a BBQ and baptisms after service.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate.

It's a privilege to serve alongside such wonderful people.

Here's to many more birthdays, sweet church.

We went to a few Giants games.

And watched lots of Giants games at home.

We drove around our city after they won the World Series.

Ashlyn fell asleep sitting up due to all the excitement.

We welcomed them back to the stadium like a nuerotic fan family.

It was crowded and the girls were starving because I forgot snacks.

And my shoulders ached.

And we saw zero players.

Good old-fashioned family fun.

Ashlyn was Silver Myst, one of the fairy princesses from Tinkerbell.

Pronounced "Shhhhilvah Mishhhhht."

My favorite.

Kayla was Secretariat's horse jockey, Ronnie.

In case you couldn't tell.

The 60's Go-Go hat was on sale at seedy House of Humor for $3.99.

Her costume never really came together because her boots were too small and she didn't feel like changing her shirt.

So my daughter became one of those annoying, zero-effort costume wearers that don't deserve treats.

Throw on a $3.99 hat and have at it.

Christmas card photo shoot adventures with Kim last weekend.

I love the pictures she took.

Katy is designing our card.

I can't wait.

Ashlyn was Star of the Week on Monday.

And the teacher accidentally hit her in the eyeball with the microphone.

She recovered gracefully.

Vidal asked her what her favorite animal was and she answered lion.

Brandon asked what her favorite color was and she answered light blue.

Alvaro asked if she had a bike and she said yes.

Kyla asked what color her bike was and she said red and pink.

Adrianne asked if she had any balls and she said that she had a rainbow ball.

Very deep conversations.

She was so proud.

And so are we.

And that's our fall so far.

Life is good.


  1. i sure do love your family and the adventures you have.
    thanks for sharing them, on the blog and in real life!

  2. I love everything about this post except that I'm not in it. Maybe I'll make the next one.