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Friday, November 16, 2012


So, today.

I have a sick little seal, hacking on the couch.

And another one at school stressing over a contraction spelling test.

"Mama, did you know that o'clock is short for 'of the clock'?"

Girl needs to RELAX in the quiz department.

It's raining outside.

Our front porch is about to collapse thanks to wood rot.

Our Christmas gift to each other is fixing it.

So I'm hoping it waits a few weeks.

I made these for dinner last night.

They were easy and good.

I just thought you should know.

Maybe you want to try them, too?

Mumford is on repeat.

Kid-less (thanks Grandma Cee Cee) and care free.

Times like these are good for this mama's soul.

They help me remember who I am as a wife.

And friend.

I love my kids.

But I like selfish adventures, too.

Kim sent me this video a while back.

I can't stop watching it.

This was taken right before her surgery.

Her signing is so cute.

Her words, so hard to comprehend.

Now she is speaking to strangers.

And they understand her.

And starting to read.  And spelling.

She'll be stressing like her sister in no time.


  1. a few things here.
    ashlyn is crazy smart.
    hijacking bandaids ipad, starting up netflix, and pulling up tuff puppy
    "tuff puppy starts with t-u-"

    after that video plays through it totally goes on to my sneaker zumba footage. i'm kinda laughing so hard here.

    your little seal is getting SO big. and her speech SO clear. :)
    i like her. a lot.
    you know this though.

    happy fridizzle.

  2. um, i don't think i knew that is what o'clock is short for.

    also, i'm all about selfish moments too- i say they make mommyhood sustainable!

  3. are you sure kk wasn't like "mama, hey mama guess what? guess what mama?"
    she kills me.

  4. So, so sweet. Loved the video. Love that you got time with SoCal friends & your hubby. So necessary. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

  5. Miss you guys.
    Miss Marcus.
    Have the chicken in the oven. Except I didn't read the marinate it part. Oops. Or do I have the bbq spice. Soooo it might be interesting. 3/4 of the children will cry when I make them try it anyway. What's a little marinade.
    Love seeing videos of Ashlyn. Love the miracle of technology, and how much has changed in a year.