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Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello, Monday.

Hello, lazy Saturday morning.

Hello, cute friendship.

Goodbye, lazy morning.

Hello, road trip!

Hello, beautiful graduate.

We're proud of you.

Hello, beautiful graduate's beautiful best friend.

My girls adore you.

And your technology.

Hello, visiting old friends.

So good for the soul.

But now I miss them alot.

Hello, cutest mohawk ever.

Why does kidnapping have to be so illegal?

Hello, world changers.

Pray for these three as they head to Africa next month.

They'll be training Liberian young adults in Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Hello, waiting for a little friend.

With a make-shift, labeled playroom.

Hello, crazy-haired eclipse watcher.

Do you see the crescent moon in her mop?

Hello, golfing friends yelling "crescent!!" every five seconds.

All "double-rainbow" like.

Such a crazy night.

Yet so normal for our front lawn.

Well, minus the crescents.

Those were special.

A full, fun weekend.

Happy Monday!


  1. happy monday to you jessica.

    i missed the crescent moon. i'm so behind on the times.

  2. Love the hair eclipse shot. Awesome that you are sending off those three to Liberia.

  3. I love her mop watching the crescent! Also, I want to steal graduate's hair. In a totally non-creepy sort of way.

  4. hello friend.
    hello cutest baby every with the mohawk. i am dying over the cuteness.