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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pintertest Kitchen 8: "Skinny" Desserts

I got called out last month.

Name is hidden to protect the identity of my most favorite baby onesie maker in the whole world.

Crazy, amazing needlepoint skills.

And I have to make her happy until I'm 100% sure I'm done having kids.

But she was totally right.

My Pintertest Kitchen was not the healthiest.

So here, my friends, is my first ever reduced calorie recipe review.

Favorite baby onesie maker, this is for you.

I knowwww, right?

The name alone almost made this a deal breaker.

But also so intriguing that I had to try these two ingredient marvels.

Not bad, I tell you.

Especially at only 138 calories per brownie.

Not awesome.

But not terrible.

Worth making.

We can't have the world, people.

It's black beans we're dealing with.

Recipe here.

This was my favorite of the three recipes I tried.

Especially at 128 calories/muffin.


The original recipe post has a pretty critical typo.

Baking with 2 TABLESPOONS of wheat flour looks like this:

Baking with 2 CUPS of wheat flour looks like this:

MUCH better.

Also, I was almost out of honey after the first round so
I subbed 2/3 honey for 1/3 honey + 1/3 sugar-free vanilla Torani syrup.

Next time I will use the full 2/3 honey because I feel like they would have been better had they been sweeter.

Dense but good, especially considering the calories.

Recipe here.

You have to scroll down a bit.

And be sure to adjust the wheat flour.

Unless you're into inverted, soupy muffins.

And well, we can't win them all.

These coconut cookies didn't work out.

But it could have been my burn out after the double batch of muffins.

Or the fact that meringue and I don't really get along.

Your turn.

What have you been up to?



  1. I hare meringue. Am I even spelling it right? I hate the way it's spelled too. So I am totally gonna try the muffins, with the correct measurements {cuz I'm an overachiever}. I'm not sure I can get with the black bean brownies. xoxo

  2. i'm guessing those coconut cookies were a super fail since we didn't even get to test eat them.

    that is okay.
    no wasted calories here.

    brownies were alright.
    definitely work for the calorie counting.


  3. lindsey and i made black bean brownies once that were a HUGE fail. maybe...maybe... i'll try these. maybe.
    muffins look good.
    michael and i are currently on the south beach diet, so i NEED some healthy baking options. i'm going crazy over here without sweets.

  4. I guess I need to know more about the brownies. Like....could you taste the beans or what??

  5. Lovin' the calorie count on those muffins! Gonna have to ponder the whole black bean + brownie thing a little more, but I am curious as to how they taste! ;-) Thanks for doing a "lite" version this time around! XO

  6. oh my goodness. not sure i can handle black beans in brownie mix. i may have to taste to believe.

  7. I still am a little weirded out by the beans in the brownies. What are they taking the place of? Those muffins though...look amazing! I guess I'll have to try them next time around!

  8. I made zero pinterest projects or recipes this month. Zero. I think I only pinned like four things. When is life going to be all quiet and boring again so I can waste the days away pinning and crafting and baking and cooking and ruffling? Oh, never. Awesome.