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Friday, May 18, 2012

InstaFriday: Oh Yeah, I Have a Blog Edition




Dave's home!


Serious woohoo.

We missed him.

Ashlyn was disappointed he did not bring her a real cheetah.

Have I mentioned that I love that she is a nerd?

The Super Moon had her in a frantic tizzy.

We had our annual meeting with the school district to decide Ashlyn's future.

Super easy?


Super happy with the results?


She'll stay at her current school for the summer program and next year for Kindergarten.

And continue with intensive speech therapy, 5 days a week.

Exactly what we wanted and all on the district's dime.


Summer is almost here!

And my little fishies couldn't be happier.

Ashlyn cannon-balled solo in the deep end.

Then grabbed on to the neck of a Russian-speaking man we did not know.

That was fun.

She survived.

To play mama with Abi.

Abi didn't like that game very much.

Dave took all his ladies out for Mother's Day.

Minus my mom who decided a cruise to Europe with my dad was more fun that lunch at Celia's.

Rude of her.

I taught Kayla how to clean the bathroom.

And she likes it.

Happy Mother's Day to me.

Ashlyn likes the gas at the dentist.

I like Ashlyn liking the gas at the dentist.

And Lion King live streaming on the ceiling.

Pediatric Dentistry is where's it's at.

Every Wednesday, Grandma Cee Cee picks the girls up from school and keeps them 'til dinnertime.

Everyone loves Wednesdays.

Except her cat.

I cleaned out our pantry yesterday.

And if you live anywhere BUT the San Francisco Bay Area, don't make fun of my pantry.

Unless you're rich, you don't have pantries here.

We convert cabinets to pantries.

Lean and mean.

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. oh hey fancy seeing you here.

  2. um.

    my sf bay area pantry is my bedroom closet.
    i may or may not store extra items in there.
    it is a walk in, so i have that going for me.

    i also fully approve of the timing on KK's cleaning education.
    south fremont is ready for her.

    can't wait.
    tell her it's on the agenda.

  3. missed your face.

    how rude of your mom to ditch you for europe on mother's day... i hope i can do the same some day.

    yeah for your desires and districts dime!

    want to hear more about dave's experience.

    you can come clean my pantry.

  4. Does kayla know the beauty of the Clorox wipe?

  5. Love your sense of humour! Poor cat...

    Visiting via Life rearranged

  6. i didn't have a pantry in my house in MN. we had to use storage shelves in our basement. it was a requirement when we moved that my house have a pantry. i do love it.

    wednesdays would be my favorite too. so awesome.

    i am so glad your IEP meeting went well. yeah!