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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Insta-Saturday Morning


World's most terrible blogger, here.

Life is busy.

And honestly, I'm just not into it so much lately.

But since technically this is our family scrapbook, I'm forcing myself.

So my children have memories later.

Sometimes I think they won't care.

But then I see Kayla pour over every single page of the scrapbook I made for her.

While I strategically hide her from Ashlyn so she doesn't figure out she doesn't have one.

And I press on.

For the children.

A little update on Ashlyn's speech.

It's taking off like crazy.

A few weeks ago she told me she was going to call the authorities because I was brushing her hair.

Holding her Elmo phone: "Hello, police car?  Mom is hurting my head."

A few months earlier, she didn't know what a police car was.

Things are clicking.

And it's exciting.

Hope got sippies.

The perks of previously working for a corporate promotions company?

Being able to order eight zillion samples and wash and drop-test them like crazy.

It might be the world's best sippy.

That's been dropped off my roof.

Just kidding.


Dave and I flew down to SoCal for a few days last week.

To visit friends.

So fun.

I miss them.

And kind of wish we lived in a commune.

Not a weird, Waco one.

A normal one.

With a Pedro's on campus.

And Pam's cheesecake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I'm Pintertesting it next Thursday.

Not because I question whether or not it's good.

Only because I want to eat it.

Oh and I think Lucy has a little crush on Dave.

It's a 3-D peanut butter pretzel-head portrait of the two of them.

Not me and him.  Her and him.


Thanks for everything, Carson's.

Now it's your turn to come up here.

Relaxing before bed.

Stranger Danger for Ash.

Such a comforting read.

Mall date with the Cybulski's.

CPK and Pac Sun.

Party like it's 1992.

Hope Sunday School.

Cindy preaching.

Super attentive students.

I love what my kid's are learning.

And who they're learning it from.

I've become one of those people that spend money on pets.

Those people I made fun of.

Kobi had a tumor on his gum.

It looked gross and painful and the vet made me feel guilty by saying he was probably embarrassed.

I know.

Goodbye 8 bazillion dollars.

And four bottom teeth.

We didn't need you anyway.

Ashlyn's school had an alumni panel on Thursday night.

Deaf and hard of hearing women shared their challenges and joys.

And gave parents practical tips for raising deaf kids.

That's a Stanford grad on the far right.

The woman holding the microphone graduated from law school and just passed the BAR.

Awesome and encouraging.

Ashlyn is going to do big things.

I know it.

Like getting her first mani.

She loved it.

A little too much.

Dinnertime swim at the club last night.

Chicken strips and fries.

Ice cream sandwiches.

Deep end diving.

Summer is so close!

We're excited.


  1. love all of these snippets! ah yes, i go through the same blog malaise and then i push through! ps i loved the alumni panel- makes me think of all of the future potential for our kids- the ways their lives will explode and how hearing loss will shape their identities but not define it. and as i write, i tear up. typical. also, i wish i could say i don't make fun of the spending money on pet people? but i still do.

  2. your biggest blog fan here.
    but you probably already know that.

    i love everything in this post.
    minus dog surgery that can feed madagascar. because i have been there. LAME.

    hope sippies, not lame.
    visiting blog friends who i adore very much also not lame.

    also grown up JW alumni, i still want the 411. and recap.
    in details.
    and go.

  3. I, too, loved reading about the panel and so appreciate it when deaf kiddos are exposed to successful deaf adults. "They are like ME!" I love to hear that! Our babies have SO MUCH potential, they can do anything. I've met a deaf preacher (of a large "hearing" church), seen deaf vets, coaches and teachers in "hearing" schools. I even interpreted for a sweet boy that is now a doctor and also teaches at a medical school. Not hard of hearing..Deaf. They can, and will, shine.

  4. Such a fun post! I love those cups and if I lived in Cali I would buy one and come visit your church! You all are doing great things. That panel sounds so it!!! Yay for you all getting to fly to see sweet friends :)

  5. At least its been fun busy. Because busy busy can be the pits. Hope your having a great week.

  6. So. The commune needs to happen. I am ready. I don't even have to be all bratty and demand that it is someplace cool. It can be in Waco for all I care. Pedros will come, obvs. The cheescake won't crack. Unicorns and rainbows will abound. You in?

  7. That's great about Ashlyn! And my bucket list for the summer is to make a one-year scrapbook for Jordis. Cuz the other two kids look at theirs and she asks about hers. And wants one bad. So come over and we can scrap it up.

  8. Oh my goSh you crack me up! Love the new hope cups. How does a new yorker get her hands on one of those puppies? :-)