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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Last Week (or Two...) in Pictures

Church planting is TOUGH work.

In other news, my mom's crazy 1st cousin Barbara was in town from New York with her not-so-crazy, VERY-patient-with-children-that-follow-her-everywhere daughter, April.  We had a great time shopping in the city and eating pop-overs at Neiman's.  Kayla ate caviar.

She also saved a fish egg in her pocket "so it could hatch later..."

Facetime with Margaret.  New addition to the bedtime routine.

These spiders are taking over our land.  And they are HUGE.  With webs as big as my kitchen.  With lots of relatives.  I had hoped the few days of 100+ degree heat would make them all spontaneously combust.  But no such luck.

My birthday was on October 1st.  So was Matt Cain's, the starting pitcher for the Giants.  Would have been a GREAT night to win the division, right?  RiiiiiiiGHT?  Wrong.  AND we sat next to 4 Padres fans.

Well, actually, we made Brian sit next to 4 Padres fans.

My beautiful friend Tonita celebrated her 40th birthday.

We were so happy to be there to celebrate with her.  For a variety of reasons.

KK on the day the Giants did, in fact, clinch their division.  In Tina's hand-me-down jersey.

Which she will be wearing tonight for good luck.

Birthday dinner with the girls and rough lighting was an uninvited guest.  LOVE Krissie's boots, Ashley's scarf and Oreo pizookie.  DO NOT LOVE Sears portrait studio pose (what exactly was I thinking with the hand cross-over?) or red-eye.

The End.

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