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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Face Lift

Our blog's getting one.  Courtesy of this amazingly talented woman.

I'm really excited.  But also worried she may jump through her T1 and strangle me before the whole process is over.

I'm kind of high maintenance in the design department.

P.S. Someone else got a face lift, too.  A REAL one.  A WAY more expensive one.

But I'm not sure I'm supposed to talk about it yet.  Hi mom! :)

Here's a picture of our disaster of a family (minus the kiddos) taken at my brother's engagement party last weekend.  Me, still portly.  Kennah, still ridiculous.  But doesn't my mom look great?  Even though her eyes are closed and she is mid-sentence, reprimanding my 30 year-old brother.

And don't the rest of us look horrific?  Worst family pic EVER.


  1. Was it painful??...the facelift not being with your family!...I want one too!!

  2. Our family was definitely more painful than the face lift! She said it didn't hurt much at all... :)