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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Masters is my new Favorite School

Los Angeles.  The City of Angels.

I've always found this name to be slightly ironic.  Had I been the Spanish governor in 1781, I may have chosen otherwise.

Niebla Tóxica.  Smog.

Demasiadas Personas en un Espacio Demasiado Pequeño.  Too Many People in Too Small a Place.

Mayor Cantidad de Agua Horrible que he Probado.  Most Horrible Water I've Ever Tasted.

Lucky for L.A., I was not in charge.

And lucky for us, the city truly lived up to its' name by sending us the most wonderful team of young people from The Masters College to help launch Hope's Sunday morning service.

And yes, I know there is no such thing as "luck" and God sent them, not L.A.  There are times, however, I slightly deviate from sound theology for the sake of clever writing.  Demandame.  Sue me.

Oh, this team of angels. Where to start?

First, Janelle.  Fluent in ASL and the one I wanted to kidnap most.  She signed to Ashlyn the ENTIRE time and had such patience and love for our little girl.  Such a beautiful gift.  Then, Kimberli (with an "i").  Total spark plug.  So excited about life and Jesus.  Lydia, quiet but bold.  And her mom makes a MEAN bean salad.  Ellie, from Panama with a sweet and gentle spirit, fluent in Spanish and, if she reads this, probably cringing at my translation attempts.  And, of course, Jesse, the coordinator of all this amazingness.  Who encouraged and loved her little church in ways she doesn't even realize.

Then there were the boys.  Lee, Robert, Edward (aka "E") and Nathan.  Polite and hard-working young men that love Jesus.  True, selfless servants.  "E" said the King James version of the bible "had his heart."  Grandmums and Grandma Jean LOVED "E."

Here they are with Pam (Jesse's mom) at Saturday's BBQ in the park.  And is that a halo above his head?  I think yes.  My favorite picture, BY FAR.

‎"Two are better then one.  Because they have a good return for their work.    If one falls down, his friend can help him up.  But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!"  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Estoy muy agradecida e mis amigos nuevos.  So thankful for my new friends.


  1. It's so encouraging to know that we encouraged you! Thanks for giving us the chance to. :) I think you guys blessed us more than we blessed you.

  2. Johnsons! Praise God for the progress of Hope Church! It looks like you have a great team of individuals that are true servants =) I wish that I was in the area to be more involved and contribute, but I continue to always pray for the ministry, for those involved, and for those that the Lord will send your way! Love you guys, see you soon in November along with the newest addition to the Freemans =)

  3. I sometimes wis Jody and I lived up there so we could be a part of what God is doing through you guys. I am SO PROUD! :)