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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dear Hope

Dear sweet church,

As we move out of the house up on the hill and into the heart of our community I have many prayers for you.

I pray that we always remain true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That we always preach Him, and Him alone.  Never ourselves.

I pray that we would be continue to be a church who cares for one another.  A church that sacrifices for one another.  A church that is unified through Christ.  And has patience for one another even and especially when it is difficult. A church that truly LOVES one another.  Not because we are supposed to.  But because we WANT to.

I pray that we grow.  Not for our own glory but so that Christ's name can be preached to more people.

I pray for my husband, your pastor.  I pray that he always stands firm in God's Word and continues to peach Jesus.  I thank you for his conviction.  I pray that you would give him courage, boldness and confidence but never make him calloused to the needs around him.  I love him so much, church.  I thank you for loving him, too.

I pray for our worship team and our children's ministry.  I pray you would use them both to draw people and families to Jesus.  I thank you for the many talents you have bestowed to those leading.  I pray you would use this body of believers to encourage them.

I pray that you would continue to raise up leaders, elders, missionaries and preachers.  I pray that we would be a church that recognizes God-given gifts in our body, cultivates them and equips those with them to be sent out for His glory.  Shame on us if we ever pridefully or selfishly hinder that process.

I am thankful for all those you drew to yourself during this time.  Thankful for their support, patience, long suffering and endurance.  Thankful for the love showed to my family.  I will never forget how you provided through them.

Church, you are growing up.  And I can't wait to watch.

So much love,

Your Pastor's Wife

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