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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun on the Farm

Last weekend we, along with my parents, their friends Tom and Galynn and their granddaughters took a trip out to the coast.  Ashlyn is very close to perfecting "Old McDonald Had a Farm" (well, sort of...) so this trip was especially meaningful for her.   And they had lollipops.  Also, meaningful.

First Stop.  Pony ride.  Nan did not like the ponies very much because they pooped a lot.  Kayla thought this was hilarious.  Nan was not laughing.

Ashlyn wasn't quite sure about the whole expedition.  And definitely NOT a fan of the pony helper man because he wouldn't allow the lollipop along for the ride.

This is Galynn and Tom.  Such wonderful people and dear friends of my parents.  And they have gorgeous grandchildren.  Their son, Tom Jr. is the quarterback for the New England Patriots.  You may have heard of him?  And yes, I am a shameless, name dropper.  Really, I tried hard to stop myself.  It's just too amazing to omit.

Next stop.  Petting Zoo.  For the record, Ashlyn never officially touched any of the animals.  Or the animal feed.  She did touch the cup the food was IN so we're making strides. 

You will notice there are far fewer candids of Kayla than Ash.  It is not because we love her less.  It's just that when you put her on a plot of land with a plethora of animals, you don't see her for weeks.  Ashlyn, however, sticks very close to home.

Final stop.  Hay ride.  And quite possibly the most boring hay ride ever.  Although, in general I suspect that most hay rides are boring.  The girls had their lollipops though so all was right with the world.

One of my favorite shots of the day.  Daddy helping Ash with her little shoe.  So sweet.  And not at all farm related.  Well, except for the hay.  But still sweet.

We made a quick stop by the beach before heading home.  And I mean quick.  Like 5 minutes, quick.  It was FREEZING.  Of course, KK could care less.  Put that girl near water of ANY temperature in ANY climate, she will stay until she is navy blue, shivering  uncontrollably and the frostbite begins to set.

Ashlyn,  on the other hand, spent all 5 minutes like this...


  1. they just make me smile :)

    (just like that, actually).

  2. It looks like your two girls couldn't be any more different from each other. So cute! And the picture of Kayla w/her red-headed bff is a keeper, one to pull out in another ten years.

  3. Is Ashlyn wearing a mini-skirt? Dave let her out of the house like that...shocked, I tell you...SHOCKED! ;) Sounds like a fun day! We did that with Caden and Jake a while ago. They LOVED it. MISS YOUUUUUU!

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