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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ashlyn's Progress Report

made me laugh.  Especially some of the progress summaries.

  • "Ashlyn is able to answer several who and what questions.  She is able to answer "What will you do when you get home?"  Her answer: "Swiss, Little Burrito."

OK, so...  Ashlyn, like her big sister, is quite fond of Swiss Family Robinson.  She is equally fond of El Monterey frozen, microwavable bean and cheese burritos.  Ashlyn gets out of school @ 1:45.  Kayla does not finish until 2:35 which on certain days, leaves a hellacious pre-nap time gap.  Swiss and burritos help.  And now it's officially documented.

  • "Ashlyn has not yet reported that her hearing aids are not working.  However, she was able to report in great detail about putting her aids in the microwave and what happened to them."

Also, documented.  Fabulous.

  • "Ashlyn has learned all the names of her classmates and the adults that work with her.  She uses the following sentences in class: I want more paper towel, please.  I want one more frog.  Ashlyn need pee (funny how she never says that one at home), I want pour more water, Me swim. Dad, Papa, Ashlyn swim.  Mommy is here.  Sharbel is in Israel."

Sharbel, her little classmate and friend, has been visiting family in Israel for well over a month now.  Every morning during attendance they remind her that Sharbel is in Israel.  She now thinks that every plane she sees is going to Israel.  And every person that is away on vacation is in Israel.  Including Nan and Pops who are in North Carolina.


  1. she has come so far! and it was awesome getting to experience this when i was with the girls last week! the possibilities with/for her are endless!