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Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Different Sunday.


Hope sent a team off to Sudan again today.

Dave and John Jefferson this time.

We raised over $25,000 last year and didn't spend it all when the team went in September.

So basically they are going back to spend the rest.

Every last penny.

On food for people in and around the border region who are starving.

But also to bring them the Bread of Life.

To share Jesus.

Our only true Hope.

In a world that continues to fall short.

We've set up a 24-hour prayer chain and it brings great comfort to know that the trip will be prayed for around the clock.

If you're part of this prayer chain or interested in praying, here are some initial requests:

* Health and Safety

* Endurance and Hydration (outside temps average 110 degrees)

* Wisdom and Favor over the Logistics of the food purchase and delivery

For more information, you can read the Hope 4 Sudan blog here.

You can also follow @Hope4Sudan on Instagram, @Hope4sudanblog on Twitter and/or "like" Hope, San Mateo on Facebook for updates and prayer requests throughout the trip.


I'm so thankful for a church family who loves people like Jesus does.

For a husband and pastor who loves people the way he tells other people to.

And for the body of Christ who loves our family as we stay behind.


  1. That is wonderful! I pray that their work is well received and that many are lead to Christ.

  2. Logged on to get more specific requests for my time slot. Thanks for the details. Please keep letting us know how to pray specifcially :)

    love, mrsmogun

  3. thanks for being so awesome in all that YOU and your family are doing and sacrificing for these people. you guys are loving the people of Sudan too through your heart and commitment.
    i'm honored to be your friend. and excited to see how the Lord moves these next two weeks.
    AND Locally.
    He is good.

  4. :-)
    praying for God to provide, lead in wisdom, continue to be glorified, and magnified, in the One who's abilities are limitless, Jesus, Amen.