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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 on 10: A Day in April

You know.

Most of my days are like this one.

photo 1 copy 2



I rarely write about them.

But I know I want to remember them.

I will miss this routine one day.

photo 2 copy 2

Like morning music with my Kindergartner.

I want to remember the way sweet Vidal always saves her place marker under the piano.

And excitedly sets it down next to his when we walk in the room.

I want to remember Teacher Karen's passion for teaching beautiful sounds to deaf children.

photo 3 copy

I want to remember the few minutes I take most mornings parked in the Starbucks parking lot.

Catching up on emails.

Reading blogs I love.

Texting and/or chatting with friends.

photo 4

I want to remember Hope's first Marrieds group.

And all the little, behind-the-scenes church details I know I'll soon forget.

Or may no longer be responsible for.

photo 5

I want to remember her minimum day, pick-up smile.

And her school stories.

Today a caterpillar escaped the class terrarium and tried to spin a cocoon in McKayla's desk.

Ms. Schlecht saved the day, scooping it up with a Post-It note.

photo 1 copy 3

The piles and piles.

And piles of laundry.

Even those.

I want to remember.

photo 2 copy 3

I want to remember the fact that Ashlyn is insisting we name her little sister Taffeta.

And her scowl when I tell her no.

And that she takes her pants off when it gets hot outside.

photo 3 copy 2

I want to remember the joy I felt when we our very first baby gift arrived for our littlest baby girl.

By friends that know us well.

And love us better.

photo 4 copy

I want to remember tonight's dinner out.

And playing Go Fish with sugar packets.

While another read her animal encyclopedia.

And the fact that Wreck-It Ralph joined us.

photo 5 copy

I want to remember the way she reads.

Slow, careful.

Her fingers tracing every word.

I know that soon this will change.

And she'll read faster.

Life moves so quickly.

Even the slow days.

And I want to remember.

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  1. okayyyyy.
    'm caught somewhere between craving a bowl of fruit loops and wanting to squeeze my feet into those little pink chucks.
    i kinda feel like you have the best (routine) day EVERRRRR.

    also. i wanted to name Laura, Sally.
    clearly that didn't fly either.

  2. thanks for inviting us into your day.
    love you and your beautiful family mucho.
    but please, ditch the green dirt in your starbucks cup.

  3. i really wish i had a blog or that i kept up with my baby books better. there are so many things i have already forgotten. it's good that you are intentionally remembering. i wish i had.

    i love this post.

    p.s. i vote for taffeta. ;)

  4. Beautiful, friend.

    And the boys wanted to name avery Comfy.

  5. Great things to remember!

  6. Hang onto those moments sweetie, they do fly by. Love you guys.

  7. oh the laundry. never ending. please name your baby taffeta. also, did you pay for your dinner?

  8. Taffeta would make an awesome baby name. Ha!
    Love your beautiful set of the everyday.
    Yay for pink converse :)

  9. Loved this! It is the small things that are so precious!

  10. jess! i love this post. i'm so dedicated to this blog right now! i really did get tears in my eyes. it was a good one. love you.

  11. so sweet! so true about soaking up those " routine " moments! they really are the big ones!

  12. This looks like a fun day to me!
    Love the sweet photos of your girls at school,
    and the pink chucks for your sweet baby girl number 3!!