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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Saturday Before Easter.

Things are a little crazy up in here.

Ashlyn's IEP (our annual meeting with the school district) was on Thursday and I'm still recovering.

They are quite stressful and not my favorite.

She'll be mainstreamed into a first grade class at our local public school come September.

We are thrilled that she will stay on track and not be driving as a freshman.

And 5'9 in the fifth grade.

photo 1

She's a smart cookie.

And I'm so proud of how hard she works.

We know she will do great.

Even though she'll probably have to lose the bunny ears.

We leave for a few days of camping tomorrow night.

Well, I'm lying.

It's in a cabin.

With wi-fi.

In the woods though.

I like to pretend I'm a camper.

So right now.

Lots of loads of laundry.

And last-minute shopping.

And cooler and beach chair borrowing from neighbors.

And food and dessert prep.

Like this sour cream almond pound cake that is baking right this very second.

I'm making it for Hope's Easter brunch tomorrow and Pintertesting it for Thursday.

The smell alone makes me want to give it rave reviews without even trying it.

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 2.01.49 PM

Also, I've discovered that the Pintertest Kitchen linky party is way more fun when bribery is involved.

So Julie is giving away the cutest printable ever to one lucky linker.

Be sure to link up.

This Thursday.

photo 2

One final note, if you don't have a place to worship tomorrow, come to Hope!

10 am.  Sunnybrae Elementary.

It's gonna be great.


  1. FIRST GRADE!??! this is great! she must have rocked her evals! hey girl hheeeyyyyy

    i love c.s. lewis. i still want to marry someone with the last name of lewis so i can be the next c.s. lewis. and i don't care how creepy that sounds.

    and i wanna win. sending good vibes your way. and a link up on thurs.

  2. cutest!! also, that's my kind of camping.
    and please forgive me, i always have high hopes of creating and linking up. then i don't :(
    THIS time, i hope it's my time :)

    that print is the jam.

    i love you, happiest EASTER xo

  3. Job well done Ashlyn! Jess, I don't miss the IEPs and I'm with you on the camping, tea, and books.

  4. i like that bunny.
    i knew she was a smarty.
    nothing, not even hearing loss, will hold her back!