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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen 7: Funfetti Face-Off

It's Easter week.

I should be making eggs.

Or some cute spring-y craft.

But I just wanted cake batter.

So consider this a 100% selfish PinterTest Kitchen.

But I will not apologize.

Who apologizes for cake batter?!

Crazy people do.

People who, as children, hid their Easy Bake raw cake mix packets under their beds to eat at night do NOT.

That's for sure.

Not that I would know anything about that.

So.  Well.  Where was I?


Hope Leadership tried four recipes during last night's meeting.

While Hope Leaders of the Future set up a horse ranch in the playroom.

Kobi deserves some treats for his cooperation.


Back to the Funfetti.

So I assumed a step-by-step on each might be a little umm... BORING.

I fell asleep just thinking about it.

So I will give my honest review of each.


Let's do this.

So, no offense, cake batter cookies.

But not our favorite.

SUPER sweet.

Which is probably due to an entire box of cake mix required for the batter.

And super sticky, hard-to-work with.

My scoop is still grumpy.

Next time I would add a few tablespoons of cake batter to a standard sugar cookie recipe.

And add lots of sprinkles.


It's not you, it's us.

We were 50/50 on this one.

A little on the sweet side.

And I think it may have needed more time to set.

Because I just had some for breakfast and it's 100% better.

Still pretty sweet.  But solid, at least.

Thanks for playing, birthday cake fudge.

This was not bad.

The least cake-batterish tasting of all the recipes.

If I made it again, I would add more cake batter mix to the white chocolate.

I did like the contrast between the dark and white chocolates.

I did not like searching all over the Peninsula for vanilla flavored almond bark.

Goodbye, cake batter bark.  It's been real.


I want to eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Really, REALLY delicious.

And so easy.

10 mins start to finish.

Out of all the recipes, the one I'm most likely to repeat.

Like now.

For breakfast.

Along with my cake batter fudge.

Your turn!

What have you been making?

Link up below!


  1. I want cake batter cookies, like now.

  2. the fudge has my heart. i'll be trying that next week.

  3. you funfettied it up!

    i was intrigued by some cake-batter pancakes on pinterest. could be a fun birthday b-fast.

  4. puppy chow for sure good.
    cake batter bark the best.

    fudge....not totally my fav.
    and the cookies were good, but you are right, super sweet.

    but now, boom 4 pinterest items checked off my list.

    i dont EVER mind being a guinea pig.

  5. Okay, so the recipe for cookies on the back of the funfetti box is crazy good. But only if you make buttercream to spread on them. Make that recipe next time. Every single version of muddy buddies/ puppy chow/ trash/ whatever you call it is good. Make the lemon one next. At my house. The end.

  6. Love the puppy chow but where on earth did you find vanilla flavored almond bark?! I went to look at the recipe and I couldn't remember a time that I've ever seen that at the store!

  7. I don't have pinterest so I didn't have anything to try. BUT I do want to make these buddies. I just don't know where to get the almond bark!!! Any ideas?

  8. LOVE funfetti cookies, make em all the time. cake batter buddies sounds like a round.the.clock food to me! wow, totes pinteresting that up.
    happy easter to you!
    <3 <3 <3

  9. well in the very least? they look delicious. as in amazing. as in i want them all over my counter to snazz things up. but must make the fourth one!!!! and that fudge looks pretty festive even if it's sweet (and what fudge isn't sweet?)

  10. Ok found it and like the reviews, and love how the the best one is the easiest one...I need to get going so I can join the next round. hmmmmm?