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Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello, Monday: Easter Weekend

Hello Good Friday service.

Hello future Hope worship team.

You guys are cute.

Hello little family at the first of two outreach events on Saturday.

I love you.

Hello 100+ kids hearing the gospel at two separate Good News Clubs.

Thank you Pam, Camilla and Tamara.

Your love for Jesus and heart for the lost challenges me greatly.

Hello sweet little egg hunt turned competitive and ugly.

Guess who won?

Hello Easter morning.

Hello yucky feelings of inadequacy and doubt and insecurity

because I had hoped and prayed more would come to service.


And it makes me cling to this verse.

Hello waking up this morning and being reminded that the only Person who needed to show up, did.

And powerfully.

Hello trampoline without a safety net at my aunt and uncle's.

Hello mom-of-a-kid-with-a-device-in-her-head ANXIETY.

Hello real bunny.

Hello 4,678 requests from Ashlyn for a real bunny on our way home.

Happy Easter, friends.

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  1. Hello twin postings. :) hahahahah!
    Hello amazing weekend of serving with you!
    Hello most perfect Easter Message from your husband!
    Hello Jesus, truly everything in and through and to and for HIM.

  2. hello, church planting is so freaking hard. now that we're in a different hard spot- nurturing a teeny tint been around for eons church is freaking hard too. good thing jesus broke through to me halfway through the easter service after a crappy morning.

    hello, device in head mom anxiety.

    hello cute little family.

    and since we never get to talk at school, hello. ;)

  3. i'm so glad He showed up that first Easter, too. SO SO GLAD.

    i'm going to repeat to you what i said to kim- i like that you are the church. thank you for making Him look good.

  4. I love your words. I love your heart. I love your church. I love our God. It's going to be so worth it. SO.