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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hello, 5.

Hello, big five year old!

I can't hardly believe it.

Hello, birthday celebration at school.

And birthday spankings.

Which are illegally awesome.

Hello, strawberry cupcakes with fake pink vanilla frosting.

Because she likes fake frosting better than real frosting.

My hope, by the time she leaves our house, is that she love Jesus and real buttercream.

In that order, obviously.

Hello, little classmates sharing what they love best about her.

Mostly her special party dress.

And her "eye."

Hello, Pre-K is the best age in all the universe.

Hello, birthday dinner at her favorite establishment.

Chicken strip in one hand, ice cream spoon in the other.

Hello, sweet party guests.

And beautiful, 80 degree weather that knew it was her party day.

Hello, hat decorating.

Hello, glitter and glue and stickers and sequins and feathers, still all over my floor.

Hello, creative friend who let me steal her idea.

Hello, more cupcakes with fake frosting.

And lots and lots of sprinkles.

Hello, presents!

Hello, Giants game on in the background.


Hello, gift unwrap assistants.

So eager to see the birthday girl open their thoughtful gifts.

Hello, letting balloons go at dusk.

And then popping some of them on the grass.

Hello, childhood memories being made.

Hello, entertaining older sister.

I love that she inherited her grandpa's strong party presence.

Hello, bedtime bootcamp.

Hello, explaining for weeks beforehand:
"mommies don't sit on the bed and wait an hour for FIVE year olds to fall asleep..."

It probably also helped that I shared it as the thing I love best about her in class.

"What I love best about Ashlyn is that she is going to go to sleep all by herself tonight!"

And then her teacher reinforced it.

While she gave us both the sideways stank eye.

But it's working!!!

Six straight nights of mommy-free bedtime.

With a little help from her lion friends.

Happiest of birthdays, Ashlyn Grace.

We love you.


  1. Happy Birthday Ashlyn! And awesome to hear about the sleep success!!

  2. oh, look at that fun party! my kind of girl- chicken strip in one hand and ice cream spoon in the other! btw her hat turned out SO cute.

  3. hello replacing my favorite almost five year old with my favorite five year old.

    she has gotten extra amazing since turning 5.
    i kinda love her.
    a lot.

  4. What great pictures! You have a gorgeous five year old on your hands. And what an amazing teacher Ashlyn has, that's got to feel like a huge gift.

  5. happy birthday to your girl, and happy 5th birthday celebrating to you! it goes too fast. huh?!!

    what a full celebration she had.

    i want to eat her dinner- ice cream sunday & chicken strips! ahh to have 5 yr old metabolism (heck, i'd be happy with a 25 yr old metabolism!)

    5 was fun. so fun. so was 6,7,8,9,10,11,12, and 13. so i'm hoping that next week when i have a 14 yr old that will also be fun.

  6. happy girl! loved the birthday tour. and infinity love that you shared that as what you love about her. genius, and congrats:)

    miss ya!

  7. That birthday hat is bomb. I need it.

  8. Love your birthday posts for your girls. Why do they always make me cry at the end?! Love you guys and your sweet girls who I can't believe are getting so BIG.

  9. she is the cutest thing ever! you rock for throwing her a party. I never throw my kids parties. Maybe I'll try this year...or maybe not.
    Also, so glad that my kids' school is not the only one that has the illegally awesome spank party!

  10. Oh. So lovely! Happy Birthday to you Ashlyn. More birthdays and moments shared with your loved ones! Smile ALWAYS!

  11. Happy happy birthday to Ashlyn!
    And I am T-O-T-A-L-L-Y stealing the whole "5 year olds at bedtime" thing.
    Because as of June 5th I would *love* for a certain little person
    to no longer sneak into our room.

    Praying for you + Dave + his trip, btw!