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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Star of the Week

A certain little girl has a big day on Monday.

She will share with her whole entire school.

Her favorite color.

Favorite animal.

Favorite food.

All subject to change on a daily basis.

She will also share her birthday.

Which she just mastered the other day.

Kind of.

We love our little star.

We can't wait to hear all that she has to say.


  1. I still remember the week I was the "kid of the week" at school, I loved it! That picture with the leaves is awesome, by the way!

  2. How exciting, I bet she's nervous. I don't know though, kids don't seem to get nervous like I used too. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. awww.

    happy birthday, sweet girl!

  4. oh i just LOVE star of the week---it's my first memory of my (gasp!) husband from second grade. yep, we go wayback. that pic of ashlyn throwing the leaves is absolutely precious. glad to know mine aren't the only kiddos who change their fav food on a daily basis :) happy weekend to you! <3

  5. i stinking love that kid.
    she is a star in my heart. can't wait to hear her tell me all about it.
    and i'm gonna make her tell me her birthday :) #nopressureashy

  6. This is adorable! She is so cute!! :)

  7. Star of the Week is the best! My kids love it. Do you get to go see? Maybe you can sneak a video!

  8. yay! what a champion!
    merry christmas xo