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Friday, December 30, 2011

InstaFriday: Christmas and the Aftermath Edition

Happy Friday!

It's that time again.

The time I don't have to use my brain cells to generate blog content.

My favorite time.

Our week in review.

Through the lens of my phone using the Instagram app.

Kayla helping Nan set the Christmas table 3 days before Christmas.

Because Nan has OCD.

Baking cookies at 11:30 P.M. Christmas Eve Eve with Beast, the Crayfish.

I would say it's on my list of things I never thought I'd do.

But I didn't even anticipate it being an option.

Is it January 2nd yet?

Christmas Eve at Kim and Kevin's.

Kid table was outside.

In December.

Along with the kid entertainment.

This year it was a carol medley with some interpretive dance.

It was lovely.

Traditional 12 Days of Christmas sing-a-long around the dessert table.


I endure for the desserts.

Little ones all snuggled and nestled in their beds.

Or however it goes.

A sweet lady at church made this darling Christmas bedding for the girls.

Kayla officially declared a new tradition.

"We will sleep with these every Christmas Eve."

"Which means I need to add it to my 3rd grade Traditions poster."

Christmas Eve Priorities.

More baking early Christmas morning.

With the best gift I've ever received.

A cookie dough scoop.

It will make you want to bake cookies all day.

And night.  And super early in the morning.

With crayfish.

Get one.

Packaging perfectly symmetrical cookies.

With Christmas in the background.

Peace and silence before the crazies wake up.

My favorite time of the year.

Speaking of the crazies waking up.

Ashlyn came out first.

Realized what was happening and ran back to get her sister.

Both ran out in a crazy-haired, still-slightly-sleeping stupor.

It's my favorite morning of the year.

Rehashing my Childhood Gift 2011.

Do you do this?

Last year it was Peaches and Cream Barbie.

Hope Christmas Service.

Fancy extended worship.

So good.

So excited for 2012.

I love our church.

Christmas Day at Nan and Pops.

Playing on Kayla's new (Pop's old) iPad and drinking soda.

Childhood dreams come true.

Ashlyn's Dave's favorite toy.

A remote control car.

Controlled by a gun.

Grown adult dreams come true.

Day After Christmas Game-a-Thon.

Letter was N.

Reptile or Amphibian.

6 adults stumped.

Kayla yells from the back room.



Kim arrives and gaming continues.

And gets a little competitive.

We love Phase 10.

Unless I am on Phase 6 and everyone else is on Phase 9.

Meet Butterscotch.

A gift grom Grandad.

She neighs.  And eats.  And trots.

And has an on/off switch in a super inappropriate place.

And I'm secretly afraid she's going to kill us all in our sleep.

But the girls adore her.

So welcome to the family, old girl.

Sorry, Kobi.

And Happy Birthday, by the way.

He's 11 today.

On an unrelated note...

Don't forget!

Next Thursday is January's installment of the Test Kitchen.

I'm crafting.

I think there's a glue gun involved.

Alert the media.

And the fire department.

Link up and join the fun!



  1. I am exhausted just looking at all these photos! Looks like a wonderful and festive Christmas. Cookie scooper, eh? I might have to get me one of those! ;D

  2. Rehashing would not go over so well here. I'm sure my boys would not appreciate Strawberry Shortcake the same way I did. Glad you had a great Christmas.

  3. found you via instafriday- the pic of the kids entertaining reminds me of the mandatory talent shows that always took place christmas eve. i must enforce that when my baby is old enough!

  4. oh man... newt. obviously. ;) i love our smartie girls. you are great. i miss you. come visit me. the end.

  5. what a fun christmas you had! i think michael and noah want to come over and play with ashlyn's new ride (remote control car, not the horse).

  6. what is UP with you girls who have only recently learned of the wonders of the cookie scoop???? sadness. but glad you're finally with it.

  7. Gotta love Scattergories...isn't it funny how your mind can go completely blank when under the pressure of a ticking timer?? :-)

  8. those Christmas blankets are adorable. you can endure anything for dessert. dessert is priceless, right?!

  9. Competition during game time? I would know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about that!(apparently, I have a reputation over at my inlaws during game night. BUt whatever!
    Love the peeks into your holiday. And cookie scoopers? I used to sell em in Pampered Chef. Bout time you hopped on board:)
    Happy New Year!

  10. holla for a cookie scoop. love. i use one for cupcake filling, too...perfect every time!
    love the little christmas blankets, so sweet!

    and yes, we relive. this year was a fisher price tell time clock:)

    love and miss you, sweet jessica!
    happy new year!

  11. i think you forgot to mention who dominated phase 10.
    that wasn't on purpose was it? ;)
    i have it in my car.
    in case you need a rematch.