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Friday, December 23, 2011

InstaFriday: Christmastime Edition

I kind of feel the need to apologize.

This little corner of the Internet has been quite neglected as of late.




December does that.

December is busy.

But full.

So full.

I love December.

Here's why:

Nothing screams Christmas like a white trash Santa plywood cardboard cut-out at a Roseville $9.99 or Less Superstore.

And just in case you're concerned about the welfare of our souls,

we don't make a huge deal about Santa but we don't ignore him either.

Kayla knows he's just one of the many symbols of Christmas.

Like our tree and ornaments, lights, stockings, etc.

She knows that God is the one who brought the One gift that matters.

And that the gifts she receives are blessings from her family and friends to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Ashlyn's still getting there.

And may have been screaming that she didn't like Baby Jesus at bible study on Wednesday night.

We've got some work to do.


Do you play?

My favorite Grand girls hosted a fun game night a few weeks ago.

Fun to catch up.

And get a little crazy over dice.

Our 2011 light extravaganza went a little awry.

Dave bought LED AND regular lights.

Which I didn't like so much.

So I took down the LED lights the next day when he was at work.

Which he didn't like so much.

She supervised.

It's funny how less picky I get about our tree each year.

This time it took me 3.8 seconds to choose.

We were home in 23 minutes.

A little angel helped us decorate.

The girls were super excited to see Camilla in Scrooge.

Ashlyn was mesmerized.

By the singing. And dancing.

And the grumpy man with the gray hair.

Kayla loved meeting all the characters during intermission.

Great job, Camilla!  We loved it.

Explain to your 4 year old that she has to wait "12 night nights" to open presents and this is the face you'll get it.

Future of Forestry performed a benefit concert at Fort Mason in San Francisco last week.

If you haven't already, download their Advent Christmas I & II EP's.

Merry Christmas to you.

These guys superly stress me out.

But they're cute.  So they stay.

Kayla's 3rd grade Christmas party.

At a coffee shop.

Hipsters in training.

Eucalyptus Avenue in San Carlos knows how to do LED's right.

It's serious business down there.

Kim knows how to do Christmas presents right.

AND it covers our old, ugly thermostat.

Winning all around.

Niki hosted our first annual Hope Ladies Ornament Exchange.

Which is an excellent excuse to bake.

Weisser Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had.

Corn Flakes in the batter.

And Salted Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Bark w/ Candy Cane on top.

Delicious holiday modification, if I do say so myself.

Thanks, Niki for opening up your home!

Hayden got onion rings for Christmas.

I'm kidding.

Isn't she the cutest?

Sideways and all.

Kobi got a tiara for Christmas.

He loves it.

I'm kidding again.

We inherited Kayla's class pet over Christmas break.

His name is Beast and he lives in an aquarium on our kitchen counter.

I love him.

Kidding x 348.

Ashlyn being Star of the Week.

Teacher Karen asked her name and she replied,


Hours of practice down the drain.

My dad's former tugboat company had a Christmas party.

On a boat.

A barge being docked behind a beautiful sunset.

Not your average Christmas party.

Followed by a fancy dinner at the Fairmont Hotel.

I read this book during Ashlyn's school morning assembly this week.

It's a good one.

Kayla's last day was last Friday.

Ashlyn's last day was this Wednesday.

Fun one-on-one time with my oldest.

Starbucks dates and early, unplanned stuffed animal presents.

Each year the women on my mom's side of the family head up to the city for the day.

Pictures with Macy's Santa.

Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Checking out the ice skaters at Union Square.

One of our favorite traditions.

And one that causes a certain 8-year-old to wish her cousin lived next door the whole drive home.

It's "all she ever wanted in life..."



That was lengthy.


Now off to buy a few last minute presents.

Make a few last minute gifts.

And bake desserts for Christmas Eve.


Also linking up with my friend, Jeannett!



  1. your pix are great. glad to see you and your family have been enjoying this season of His coming!
    merry merry christmas!

  2. Love the "12 more night-nights" face! Thought you might enjoy our Glee Christmas mash-up song signed by our middle schoolers. I'm the one in the front breakin' it down like only a 50 yr old can :)

  3. merry merry to my favorite family of crazies.
    i love all of you guys. your hearts for jesus (even ashlyn's...well, her heart for santa, presents, and candy)


  4. Merry Christmas to you and your whole cute fam!!


  5. Wow, what a marathon post, love it! Had to laugh at the whole Christmas light situation. :-) My husband and I didn't make quite the team putting ours up, I think I have the patience of a gnat. I can only imagine what he'd say if I undid his lights somehow, ha! I've only played Bunco once but thought it was so much fun. I've heard that people get together for weekly Bunco games, how fun. Lots of photos in a busy month, but what a special time.