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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Randomgiving

Officially the most hectic, all-over-the-place Thanksgiving on record.

On Wednesday night, we dropped this grumpy little Indian

and her big sister off at Nan and Pop's for a sleepover.

Hope Wednesday night prayer turned into Hope Dessert Potluck and Prayer.

And I made these tasty little morsels.

Hold the adorable marzipan toppers because I ran out of time.  And my frosting is not nearly as cute.

On Thanksgiving morning,

Dave and a few other suckers friends were up at 4:30 AM and headed over to CityTeam to cook breakfast and pass out turkeys.

I was up at 5 AM and off to work a 12 hour shift at AMR, taking calls from turkeys that were passing out.

No pictures, sorry.  HIPAA rules and all.

Dave and suckers friends left Oakland and headed over to Hillsdale to join 40+ play in the annual Turkey Bowl.

Limited photos of this event because participants were more concerned with the game than proper documentation.

Well, except for these two.

Mom and Dad took the girls up to Aunt Liz and Uncle Frank's

while Dave was reliving high school glory days

and I was slaving away in the blue dungeon.

Dave finished Turkey Bowling and met Mom, Dad, girls and rest of the family in Marin.

They made him sit at the kids table because he cares more about football than family.

Kayla also wrote a letter thanking our hosts as part of a school assignment.

And it's clear that she's already moved on from Thanksgiving and has Christmas on the brain.

And I enjoyed a quiet few minutes after work until all my turkeys came home.

With a HUGE plate of leftovers.

Happy Crazy Turkey Day! :)


  1. sorry I could not properly document the football game!! I feel bad :(

  2. Jame! Get out of here! Do NOT be sorry! You had a MORE than legit excuse. xxoo

  3. Sorry you had to