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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Biggest Loser

My little brother is getting married next year.  Kennah, his fiance, asked me to be in the wedding.  I am honored and excited.  Thrilled, in fact.

But, you see,  I am also portly.  Rapidly approaching my delivery weight with Kayla.  Mind you, I only gained 23 lbs with that pregnancy and the Good Lord blessed me with a 5'9" frame that allows for decent weight disbursement over my body surface area, it's still not a pretty sight.  Did I also mention his fiance looks like this?

Really.  This is her.  You're all dying to come to our Thanksgiving dinners, right?  AND she's genuinely nicer than she is beautiful, loves my kids and knows ASL (it's really cute when she and Ashlyn sign to each other) so I can't even hate her.  Not even close.

So as to avoid being crowned honorary Amazon of the bridal party, Weight Watchers  commences  this morning @ 0930. With Teacher Jan who weighed 350 lbs in 2008 and squeals with sheer delight when she gives the 0 point recipe for vegetable soup.  Stick a sock in it, Jan (how many points is that?) and hand over my new member bookmark.  Please also force me to share any and all ideas, thoughts, tips and tricks so I can earn gold star stickers.  All the while, I'd rather be home drowning myself in 100 calorie Lorna Doone packs.  Oh, how I love this whole process.

I'll keep you posted on my progress because I can only talk about my kids and tadpoles so much before everybody drops dead of  boredom.  And what's more interesting than me losing 1.8 pounds a week and telling you all about it?  Try and find something.  I dare you.


  1. Um, and she has the cutest name of Kennah?? I hate her! JK, she looks so nice and adorable and i can see why you would be instant friends. Good Luck jess! I know how it is when you are not happy and how it can consume you. Take it one day at a time and I think posting about it will only help!
    keep us posted!! xo

  2. Thanks, Vic! She is a total sweetheart and we love her. And yes, 26 points... or umm, 1 day @ a time... SHOOT ME now!! :( I HATE points.

  3. Just remember Jessica..You are not on a "diet"..It is a "change of life style" and the rewards are numerous...I still think you are at an attractive figure!!God Bless You

  4. How's the weight watchers going ? I lost 40 lbs in the 90's and two things if I may offer. Don't eat past 6pm and get plenty of exercise (but the girls may do that for you) Hang in there - its worth it.
    Love you