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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Balto Diorama: Kayla's First School Project

WARNING:  The following post is likely to bore you to death, and that's only if the title didn't make you keel over already.

Kayla completed her first official school project last week and I thought it was important enough to document.  To her.  And me.  And maybe dad.

For the 3 of you that are still here, a diorama is "a scene in a box.  The box is open on a side or on the top.  The sides are painted or decorated.  Stand-up objects are placed inside to show a scene.  You can show something that happens in a book or story you write."  Kayla choose her favorite book, Balto.

KK's teacher said our diorama should cost very little and that most items for our project could be found in and around the house.  Well, this diorama cost the Johnson's $86.74.  I took Kayla to Michael's with me.  Mistake.  We left with fancy snowflake scrapbooking paper, cotton batting, cotton balls, craft glue, sparkly fir tree stickers, miniature fir trees, styro-foam, snowflakes, dog figurines, dog stickers, etc.    Oh and new shoes for me.  What?  We didn't have any shoe boxes.

1 comment:

  1. "Oh and new shoes for me. What? We didn't have any shoe boxes."
    Jess, you are really starting to sound like Vicci. :)