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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Sister

Kayla has been very into Swiss Family Robinson (the creepy, Jesus TV cartoon version) as of late.  It's a tad Christian fundie (father goes out to kill dinner while mother preparest a table for the family) but her manners have improved significantly due to  the "moral lessons provided in an island environment..." so, we are tolerating it.

After bath time last night we were discussing the possibility of a live reenactment.  For the 4th time this week.  It's a hot topic.

Kayla: "Mama...  Cole (family friend) can be Ernest, the daddy."

Me: "Why can't daddy be daddy?"

Kayla: "Well, dad needs to be the one to put up the curtains." (aka stage crew)

She continues: "Also, I will be the mom.  Evan (Cole's brother) can be Fritz, the older brother.  But he'll have to try out first.  Austyn (another family friend) can be Jack, the little brother because he has dark hair."

Me: "Who do I get to be?"

Kayla: "You can help daddy with the curtains.  And set up the chairs.  And Ashlyn can be Mercedes."

Me: "Who's Mercedes?"

Kayla: "The pet ferret."

Poor little sisters.  Always getting the shaft.


  1. Thank You Kayla! Austyn was VERY pleased to be a part of your family. He is now telling everyone that his name is Jack! :)

  2. Intreresting slant on things..Kayla is definitely the "nature girl" and can figure things out in such different ways..God Bless her!