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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Bumps Are Brutal For Blogs.

I write so I don't forget.

But sometimes I forget to write.

Or I don't want to write.

Or I have so much going on I feel like there is no time to write.

Or I blame my growing belly.  Which, to be honest, isn't helping.

But I continually decide that I don't want to forget more than I don't want to write.

So hi.

I'm 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

I'm beginning to waddle.

A foot has been lodged in my belly button intermittently since Monday.

School is winding down and summer is upon us.

Today, I wonder if Kayla will be in therapy because I didn't chaperone her field trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science.

But there's the waddle.

And the bus ride.

And an OB appointment.

Our May days have been filled with much.

photo 1

Giants games.

Dave has a habit of listening to the radio call home run playback that he can barely hear over the roar of the live crowd and I think it's such strange behavior.

Isn't that why we're AT the game?  To listen to the LIVE crowd?

Call me crazy.

photo 2

Tea parties with Grandmums.

Also an excuse to put her candy in fancy dishes.

And to eat all her candy.

photo 3

Daily denial of new app requests.

"It's only point nine nine, mama."

photo 1

Mother's Day Lunch.

They've been watching lots of Lady and the Tramp lately.

Ashlyn is still learning the concept and thought it was a day for me to serve her.

"Please get me juice... because it's Mutha's Day!!"



I told her it was Father's Day instead.



Hi baby girl.

You have a cute nose.

photo 1 copy

Birthday thank you notes.

Written all her own.

They took 12 days and we still have four to write but we won't mention that part.

Cindy, Abby, Madison and Scottsdale Ware's, we're working on them.


photo 3

Tree climbing at Nan and Pops.

Most likely for the last time.

They sold it.

We cried.

But the new house has a pool.

So, that pretty much trumps any sentimental value.

And makes us get over things quickly.

Like five minutes.

photo 3 copy

After school Slurpies.

One for her, one for Kayla.

Or both for her.

photo 2 copy

Golfing for a good cause.

Or riding in a cart and eating lots of good food for a good cause.


The waddle.

photo 2

Independent breakfast prep.

Fresh fruit salad and all.

I love nine.

photo 1

Creative writing.

Jesus, a frog and a beaver.

I love six, too.

photo 4


We put a deposit down on a puppy last week.

Just in case having a new human baby is too easy.

A male Goldendoodle named Lincoln is coming home next Sunday.

Kayla's 10th birthday present.

But we're kind of just saying that to get out of a big party.

And because I'm desperate to avoid another heart-wrenching, no-luck Saturday at the SPCA.

I mean.

Why not?

Not much going on around here.


  1. The summer before I had our first daughter we were given a kitten in June. Our daughter was born at the end of November. Then for Christmas an uncle gave us a pure bred beagle puppy. Needless to say I deserve some sort of award for that year. It was like having THREE babies all at once. Pure craziness!

  2. jess.
    such a good post.
    until the last pic.
    then i was like, "i'm gonna click off."
    OR #imgonnaclickoff

    anyway, i can't wait to see the bump.

  3. i feel like you should explain more about the cash advance. that's really why i'm here.