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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pintertest Kitchen 16: Blessing Jars

We have friends in town.

And we're doing lots of eating.

And talking.

And exploring.

And not a lot of blogging.

photo 1 copy

I came across this idea on Pinterest a few months ago.

And I thought it would be a perfect craft to start the new year.

A craft that's my style.

Quick and easy.

Stickers, labels, mason jars.

10-15 minutes of creative chaos.


Have your children decorate a mason jar however they see fit.

A Maple syrup leaf sticker?

Animal print "D"?

I mean.

What blessing jar is complete without them?

And you could probably have them decorate more.

But I'll be honest.

We had beach plans.

Have them write blessings down throughout the year.

Start January 1.

Add them to the jar.




Then, as a family, read them together on New Years Eve.

photo 2 copy

I want to raise grateful children.

Joyful children.

Children that recognize and reflect on the good things in life more than the bad.

I can't wait for December 31.

And to hear all the good that 2013 will bring.

What have you been up to?

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  1. i love this. i feel like your first blessing should be "making blessing jars" :) because this is too sweet to not remember. :)

  2. What a good idea. I need to count my blessings more at times. I'm ready to link with my cinnamon roll cake :) or will the comment do it?

  3. Love it! Great idea. My kids will love doing this too.

  4. LOVE the blessing jar idea. Maybe could add something every Lord's Day? With 5 kids, I'd need a BIG jar if we were doing it everyday :)

    I'm planning on linking up, but our Pintertest was (possibly?) a fail, and I won't know until sundown tonight. It wound up taking 24+ hours to freeze our nightmare project. Pics forthcoming.

    Love this linky! Have fun with Julie!:D

  5. cute, and what a treat these will be a year from now.
    my kids joined me and wrote down their joys during december. reading them totally blessed me.

    and i recognize those carson faces in your pix. enjoy your time together. i'm sure it is refreshing!

  6. jess, i love this! i hope it's not too late to do it...

  7. Such a sweet and good idea! I am taking a picture every day in 2013 and making a book from Shuttefly with a very small caption - just a few words- for each day. I might also incorporate this idea! It is so easy to forget