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Friday, January 18, 2013


I don't have much.

It's abnormally cold.

And I'm doing laundry in the garage in a trench coat.

I'm really ready for sunshine and summer.

Lots going on around these parts.

Our carpet is being ripped up and the beautiful hardwood underneath that should have never been hidden is being refinished.

I cannot adequately express my elation over these interior design happenings.

We're also having the Pergo in our kitchen replaced with tile.

10 x 20 camel colored in a sideways subway formation.

Dave is not so sure but I am joyous.

photo 1 copy 3

Kayla got purple glasses yesterday.

She can now "see her friends hair" which was clearly a crisis beforehand.

photo 2 copy 3

Ashlyn is reading.

Books about cats on mats.

With hats.

Exciting literature.

The church recently launched a few new small groups.

A women's bi-weekly study and a once-a-month married group.

If you're interested, "like" Hope's Facebook Page for more details.

Dave is also scoping out a location for a mid-week service we're hoping to start in the next few months.

Anyone have a spare warehouse they're not using?

With heat?

That'd be great.


Happy weekend, friends.

Bundle up.

And GO Niners.


  1. Headbanz- played that.

    Congratulations on wood and tile! i'm glad for you. we currently have concrete floors in all the non-bedroom space of our home. i hate it. it's reeeaallly cold- trench coat wearing cold. :-)

    we just started a married group last night in our home. so excited to mentor young couple WITH my man. it's crazy and exciting.

    praying now for God to exceed your expectations for a meeting place. can't wait to hear how he opens that up!

    enjoy the weekend.

  2. That picture of ashlyn is literally one of my favorite photos of all time. so hilarious. the card, the shirt, the face... so freaking good.

  3. Im excited FOR you that those floors are being refinished. We desperately need to do that in our home but I cringe at what a large scale project it will be when we finally do it. The entire house is the original old hardwood flooring but its in such bad shape from years of wear.
    Love K's purple glasses. Totally the color I would've picked if I were her:)
    How exciting about the church expanding! Isn't God good?

  4. i wanna play that game with y'all!
    it's cold here, too. but that's normal.
    excited for your niners! and not just because i hate the ravens;)

    love you, jj!!

  5. i need to tell you that i am really nervous about the floors. i know they will look great. but my booty likes cushion. do you think we could steal some carpet squares from sunnybrae?