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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Birthday For Sudan. And My Favorite Enchilada Recipe.

As a family, we've been trying to think of creative ways to contribute to the Hope For Sudan campaign.

If only we had 25,000,000 pennies in our sofa.

I checked.  We don't.

Dave suggested we throw a party for his birthday this year.

In lieu of gifts, guests were to bring donations towards Hope For Sudan.

First I took his temperature.

Then I realized this fundraising effort was serious biz.

Let me try and explain.

He likes _____________________ more than birthday parties for himself.

I'm trying to fill in that blank with something sufficiently terrible and I can't.

Black bean and tomato casseroles?

Extensive dental work?

Traffic on Highway 5?

The Los Angeles Dodgers?

Nothing fits.

Being the guest of honor is not his favorite.

But our family and friends like to celebrate him.

And he loves helping people more than he hates birthday parties.

It is was an easy opportunity to do our part in this effort.

Because if we're asking you to help.

We better be busy ourselves.

New favorite enchilada recipe courtesy of Meg.



Perfect for feeding people and making them happy when you're asking for lots of skrill.

That was tacky.

But totally true.

The puffs didn't hurt, either.

Our house has never been so full.


And figuratively.


In the very best way.

I was praying some fish and loaves action over the enchiladas.

And regretting my puff intake, pre-event.

Thank you to all who came and contributed.

And to those who couldn't come but contributed anyway.

We are overwhelmed at your generosity of heart.

The way you love my husband and our family.

And your willingness to help people you'll likely never meet.

$1,500 added to our effort.

Bringing our grand total so far to $15,499.55

So exciting.

I'm so glad you were born, Dave.

I hope you liked your party.


  1. wish I was able to make it!! Yay for birthdays and Sudan!

  2. to say there is any thing dave likes less than the dodgers is a bold statement. but i think you are right about birthdays. Dodgers > birthday parties for him. or least =.

    there were a LOT of people at your house.

    and those enchiladas for sudan were amaze.
    please invite me over sometime and make them for me again.
    but just me.
    i want a whole tray. to myself.

  3. Amazing!!
    God is so Good!!
    We loved celebrating Dave, but may have loved the enchiladas and puffs more... :)
    Excited to see what God will do in Sudan.
    Thanks for posting so many fun photos!! Everyone is a 10!!! Except for Dave... he's MIA?! :)

  4. Nothing wrong with a little pre party puff.
    Ok I have to go...I'm gonna go check to see if I have 25,000,000 pennies in my couch.

  5. Fish and loaves...I love it!!!

  6. The food was wonderful, the company even better, the cause was the best! So glad we were able to celebrate Dave's birthday in such a "charitable" way. The Turdicis love their Dodgers but we love Dave even more so Eddie opted not to wear his Dodgers hat.

  7. Love it so much.
    Happy birthday Dave.
    And hooray for pre-party puffing.

  8. The best kind of birthday.
    The only kind of birthday.
    Puffs and cilantro like a boss.

    Happy Birthday Dave.
    We are glad you were born too.

  9. so. i love this. what a man. very grateful for your following through on this vision for sudan.
    beautiful and best way to celebrate a birthday, that's for certain!

    love you!

  10. so fantastic.

    thanks for hosting and feeding 5.000 people.

    no, i don't think you're Jesus.

  11. awesome. what a great idea.

    i love parties and hate casseroles.

    you've raised A LOT! yeah!! May God continue to lead you as you serve Him and His people of Sudan.

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    2 questions and a comment.

    Comment: Love your blog :)

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    Im trying to break into the blog world more now.... Any help you could offer would be appreciated.