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Saturday, February 11, 2012

10 on 10: February 2012

Blogging.  In the dark.  With ice water.  Very standard.

Ashlyn had a Valentine's Day Party at school yesterday.

Ashlyn also had a mini panic attack on the front stoop because she forgot Play-Doh for her speech therapist.

I'm sure Rachel was super relieved she was not left out.

A $43 Starbucks date with a friend.

I dislike Burlingame parking meters.

I dislike them more when I forget about them.

As if you're not rich enough, City of Burlingame?



My lunch.

Frozen raspberries and peaches.

A banana.

Spinach.  You can't taste it.  Promise.

Flax Seed.

Coconut Almond Milk.

One Packet Tangerine Emergen-C.

Weird?  Yes.  Good?  Yes.

$1.99 at the grocery store = balloon artist in training.

And hundreds of requests that I adjust the balloon to fit over the puffer thing.

Which I'm sure has a technical term.

After school iPad, cartoon and cereal time.  Pantless for one.  Also, standard.

Overseeing Taco Friday prep.

Trying to decide if she does, in fact, like meat.

She doesn't.

Opening their Valentine's from Nan and Pops.

They play music.

Well Ashlyn's did.

Until she ripped out the music box.

We call her The Beast for a reason.

The Office nightcap.

Stuck on the couch.

Because it takes me 15 minutes to get up.

Thanks, Crossfit.

Do you like my new Target slippers?

All comfort.  Zero cute.

In case there was need for clarification.


That was our exciting 10th day of the month.

How was yours?

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  1. wow, you are way better at this than me. i can never be bothered to add captions to 10 on 10!
    what a great set. i think i'll go make that smoothie. yuuum.

  2. don't EVEN get me started on the city of burlingame. tempted to blame my lack of progress toward student loan repayment on them.
    i seriously just had to take 3 deep breaths.

    i want to try your breakfast!

    the techincal term for balloon puffer thing is "pump"

    i miss you guys. could you tell? if not by my pathetic face at just missing crossfit, by the fact that i'm acutally reading and even commenting on a blog? :)

  3. do i even need to mention how proud i am of your lunch??? seriously. i enjoy your pantless vegetarian. she makes me laugh. :)

  4. Yay for Starbuck's date with a friend, but a big boo on that ticket!

  5. Woah! Crossfit! Girl, you have my respect (I just sang that like Aretha...). I tried crossfit about a year or two ago and I totally wimped out. I couldn't hack it. Keep up the good work!

  6. when i make smoothies i add spinach or swiss chard. someone is old and needs fiber. can't taste it. during the summer i make them and fill popsicle containers and freeze. healthy snack for the kids.

    tell your girl i can't decide if i like meat or not either.

    do i want to know what crossift is? is it some exercise thing? i can't exercise until march 12th- the monday after daylight savings time. why? because i said so.

  7. Balloon artist in training? HELLOOOOOOOOOO! You know all the right people. Did you know my hubby does this on the side? And no, he's not a clown. Clowns are evil Jessica. He does not dress up or wear weird, evil makeup.(Can you tell I'm passionate that people realize there's a difference?!) He just makes flippin' awesome balloons. Here's a teeny sampling of his work, not including his biggest ones, like the 10 foot tall Goliath(thats my fave):

  8. way jealous of your motivation and liquid lunch.

    i typically have zero motivation and a liquid lunch of coffee:) kind of the same, right? no? oh well, worth a shot.

    i gotta say that i too fall in that camp of " i don't know if i like meat or not" didn't know there was so many of us:)

  9. That's all you had for lunch? Are you hungry now or is ice water tiding you over? And do you want to come over and play on monday. No school.