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Saturday, January 29, 2011

20 Truths

I'm linking up at Tales From the Motherhood and telling you 20 facts about moi.

Read Wendy's blog.  She is hilarious, down to earth and I recently learned that we have some pretty amazing mutual friends and share San Mateo roots.  Which makes her a whole lot more awesome.

This list was originally published via Facebook note on January 31, 2009.

1. I had my very first cavity at age 31. I attribute this spectacular dental achievement to an experimental sealant procedure that my mom insisted the dentist perform on my back molars when I was 9. And Doc Bob, the best dentist EVER.

2. In 1993, I was almost stranded in Novosibirsk, Siberia thanks to a crazy gypsy on a bike who stole my passport.

3. I don't eat meat I can't see entirely. This applies especially to burritos and breaded items. I cut and inspect. Or go vegan.

4. I love Billy Joel with all my heart.

5. I've had my braces off since 1989 but still wear my retainers at night. Only on Wednesdays. Dave loves Wednesdays.

6. I smell most foods before I eat them - especially bread. EVERY time.

7. My favorite beverage is CPK's iced tea. I also love their sourdough bread. After I smell it.
8. I met my husband when I was 12 and said I was going to marry him that day. We went on our first date in 1993. Lyons for dinner and Untamed Heart with Christian Slater. I wore maroon pants and smelled like perm solution.

9. I hate feet of all kinds. Don't try to show me yours and tell me they are pretty. They are not and you are wrong.

10. I LOVE a clean house. But 5.8 seconds after cleaning, it falls apart again. I think true cleanliness and organization will have to wait until 2026.

11. I love learning new things but hate the learning curve.

12. My husband is my best friend. And the most patient man I know.

13. I have a theory that no one actually likes beer, sushi and coffee. To fit in, they just pretend to.  I've yet to find someone that agrees with this theory.

14. I hate beer, sushi and coffee.

15. I love to walk in the mornings with my dog.

16. Date nights with Dave are my favorite. We are so busy and I cherish that time to reconnect.

17. I have a tea cup collection. Thanks to my aunt who gave me her tea cup collection. So I guess I really just have my aunt's tea cup collection.

18. I majored in Liberal Studies to become a teacher but I student taught for 5 minutes and switched to the non-credential track. After graduation, I got my real estate license and worked as a commercial property manager.

19. My first car was a 1981 Diesel BMW named Betsy.  Kevin Estes hit and killed her en route to a graduation party in Half Moon Bay. But I'm not bitter.

20. My greatest hope is that my girls grow to love Jesus. My greatest responsibility is to show them what that looks like.

Now wasn't that fun?  Play along! Link up over at Wendy's blog.


  1. i agree with beer...but coffee and sushi are AMAZING. :o)

  2. So fun, loved yours and Wendy's! So funny that I'm commenting on #13 too! I detest beer, can't stomach sushi, and since I pretty much drink creamer with a dash of coffee, I probably don't love it as much as I think I do. :)