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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Boardwalk

Dave had the day off on Monday so we planned a last minute trip to Santa Cruz.  This city has always intrigued me.  The Boardwalk is gross.  The food court smells like urine.  But the beach is beautiful, the carousel has the coolest ring toss and the people watching, seriously unmatched.

About 2 minutes into our adventure, priorities were clearly established.

Neither daughter was very interested in the attractions.  Kayla wanted to swim and Ashlyn was frustrated that none of the food vendors recognized her sign for vanilla.  They agreed to go on the carousel with me, after I told them about the exciting ring toss.  And bribed them with a gumball.  And Ashlyn had to ride a white horse.

After the carousel, we headed towards the beach.  Ashlyn was in no hurry.

The clouds cleared just as we made our way to the shoreline.  KK enjoyed playing with  the seaweed and sand while Ashy watched from afar.  Both, perfectly content.

After tolerating the water for well over an hour, Ashlyn finally got her precious vanilla.  KK and daddy did, too.


  1. not gonna lie, yours is probs my fav blog.

  2. Ahhhh, miss the old boardwalk. It is kind of scummy in a good old fashion way. And can't beat the ring toss.

  3. The difference in skin color of these two is AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Ashlyn is my kind of girl...seriously. We'd be BBF's if she was 31 years older. :)

  5. Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk is one of my favorite places on earth!!! Love everything about it! Looks like everyone was happy...wish I had been there with you guys.