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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday on the Bay

We left for Palm Springs the day after Kayla's actual birthday so her party was a bit delayed this year.  But definitely worth the wait.  The weather was perfect yesterday to celebrate her 7th birthday @ Pier 39's Aquarium of the Bay.

We chose the "Animal Encounters" theme and got to meet sea stars and a sea cucumber.

And daddy's favorite, a California King Snake.

Before heading out into the aquarium, we sang to Kayla and ate cupcakes.  Strawberry with vanilla icing and chocolate with strawberry icing, specially requested by the birthday girl.  She also wanted hearts drawn on each one but I pretended I didn't hear that part.

The aquarium was small but very cool.  Certain parts actually take you under the San Francisco bay.  It was also very dark which made it kind of hard to keep track of the kiddos.  But they all survived.  I think.

And back to the party room for presents...  A ladybug farm, science experiment kit, card games,  a water sprinkler globe, lots of her favorite "Littlest Pet Shop" toys and a make-your-own glass bowl.  Perfect end to a fun-packed day.

Thanks to all for braving the crowds and traffic and making her day so special!

1 comment:

  1. Ummm...why weren't we invited? Oh yea... the California King Snake! NO THANK YOU! I love Ashlyn's hands off approach. She's my kind of girl.