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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Baby Girl and I

I had lunch with a new friend last week.

Who happens to be a photographer.

She snapped these pictures of Holland and I.

And they are such treasures to me.

Had I known she was going to share her skills, I probably would have brushed my hair a little more.

Or at all.

Worn earrings.

And not dressed my baby like a boy.

But such is life right now.

Not much time to primp.

Or worry about what my kids are wearing.

I'm lucky they are dressed.

But, really?

All that doesn't matter.

I just want to remember being with her.

In God's glorious creation.

The way she makes me smile.

A few frozen minutes that seem to float in time.

A tiny part of a season that passes all too quickly.

I am so thankful for these moments captured.

And for friends that take the time to capture them.

Our babies are our best gifts.

Photographs with our babies are a close second.


  1. so special.
    so beautiful.
    so many sunspurts.

  2. it was such a treasure to meet you. i look forward to more visits and laughs and photographs.