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Thursday, February 6, 2014


It's raining.

It's pouring.

Our dog is snoring.

I feel like he can rest a little easier now that his fur has grown back a bit.

He's no longer pink.

And doesn't need sunscreen during walks.

Dave is speaking to me again.

This is all good news.

Kayla is kind of serious about this violin business.

I love that we might have a band geek.

I pray for a band geek.

Band geeks stay out of trouble.


I'm just wondering if the Superbowl could have been any more boring?

At the last minute Dave put together a friendly survey.

We had a variety of predictions to make.

Over little details of the game.

I've NEVER heard a group of people cheer so loudly over a coin toss.

Or gasp in disgust when the national anthem presenter didn't wear gloves.

Or be so concerned over the Red Hot Chili Peppers attire.


Jumping up and down and screaming like we were in Sochi or something.


Yesterday was a marathon of hectic.

Minimum day.

Speech and debate class for the girls.

We crashed a homeschool class.

Cochlear mapping for Ashlyn up at UCSF.

During commute hour.

With my baby on the floor of the sound booth during testing.

Evening service.

Today I'm choosing to be less crazy.

The girls are off to school.

After Ashlyn's Missing Lion King Umbrella Crisis of 2014.

She settled for a Dry Bar one.

She doesn't know that one day she will love the Dry Bar way more than Mufasa.

I'm getting a haircut this afternoon.

And my mom is cooking dinner for us.

Thanks, mom.

Thursday night family dinners are pretty much the best.

I'm Fitness Palling again.

Which makes me want to murder everyone.

But I went bathing suit shopping yesterday.

And that also made me want to murder everyone.


To prevent deaths.

Egg white breakfast sandwiches and iced green tea for days.

And just in case you were wondering?

She's not interested in making any Fitness Pals.

And don't touch her chips.

Stay dry, folks.

I missed these puddles.


  1. most boring superbowl ever.
    most interesting national anthem ever.

    i love a good band geek.

    and is mufasa in the van?

  2. Great blog! Eric needs a violinist in his rock band. Loved that you are homeschooling with us. We'll convert you yet! (Please send me that picture via email since I gave up my iPhone.) Can I Fitness Pal with you? I'm not even considering a swimsuit yet. My family doesn't realize how fortunate they are because of that.

  3. Can you crash my homeschool class? Please & thank you.

  4. You were obviously not a band geek because, well, in second thought perhaps ignorance is bliss. But seriously I'm dancing with joy that Kayla loves the violin! Love, a music nerd for life.

  5. Love Dave's idea to make the super bowl more exciting! Will totally have to steal that for next year!

    I'm on my last day of the whole freaking 30 and could not be happier. I totally understand your crabbiness at the fitness pal. I wanted to flip off the whole 30, but it was a little abstract for that :)

    Have a great day!

  6. Holland guarding her chips is the BEST picture!!!