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Monday, September 2, 2013

Not So Labor Day

Due date is here.

photo 4

And she seems very cozy.

And not very concerned that I'm not.

So I'm assuming it will come and go.

photo 2

The girls started school and have settled into a nice routine.

They love their teachers and we're looking forward to a smooth, fun year.

Ashlyn is adjusting to her mainstream first grade class effortlessly.

She loves having her own big desk and dry erase board.

She also ordered hot lunch for the whole year by mistake.


Kim hosted her 3rd Annual Mug Swap and it was quite the hit.

Over 800 ladies exchanged fun little surprise packages.

Natalie sent me this.

photo 1

I sent Jaime this.

And ran into Kim at the post office while doing so.

So that was fun.


And now have two new blog friends.

And a cute purple mug.

And cute straws.

And a pennant stamp.

And a cute hankie.

I love blog friends.

And purple mugs.

And fun extras.

Thank you, Natalie.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.24.26 PM


Baby or no baby.

Pintertest Kitchen is THIS Thursday.

I made a no-bake pineapple dessert.

photo 5

Because it's 5000 degrees and I read yesterday that pineapple promotes labor.

So I've been eating it like crazy.

But I don't think it's working.

Zero contractions and my tongue has acid burn.

So, anyway.

Consider this your friendly reminder to come back on Thursday and link up.

And Holland, consider this your friendly reminder to SHOW UP.  Period.

My tongue hurts.

Thank you.



  1. Waiting on pins and needles! I will have my cell phone close by at all times this week!! My new vote is for Wednesday because I will be over there in the afternoon.

  2. Thanks for being a VIP mug swapper 3x alumni. Tell Holland I can't wait for her to participate next year, if she decides to show up by then.

  3. Oh my goodness the package you sent = beautiful & so creative.
    The package you received...LOVE :) great swap!

  4. cute mug you got and - wow! - cute mugs you sent. xo

  5. oh my dear! both of those packages are so very lovely!

  6. you are the awesomest. ever. my box was waaaay tooo full. and you're heart is so generous. i love you already girl. so glad we're buddies now :) ps. i have an extra cali hoop for the baby ... i'll send it your way, kay?!