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Friday, August 6, 2010

35 Reasons

...why I love my husband.  One for each year he celebrates today.  As told (primarily) through picture texts, sent from him to me.

35. His love for the little things.  Including this gargantuan-sized jug of Tapatio sent w/ "Booooooom" as the subject.  His excitement for stuff like this KILLS me.  And makes me want to kill him sometimes.  34. Nothing spells L-O-V-E more than clean (and folded) laundry.  Also, he has wonderfully realistic and domestically liberating expectations as to the cleanliness and organization of our home.  Until he can't find his dental floss.  Then the earth falls of its' axis.  33. His God-given leadership qualities, determination and drive.  Also, his passion for teaching God's Word and shepherding God's people.  This is my favorite picture ever, I think. 

32. He shops for our girls.  He bought those cute little purple Vans for Ashy last year.  And for KK, those skinny jeans and black converse.  31. His love for Chipotle that I definitely share.  Our baby has inherited it, too.  30. His passion for the game(s).  Football, baseball, hockey, golf, curling.  You name it and can play it, he loves it.  He dresses the girls in sports gear whenever he can.  And actually, I find security in his fanaticism.  His loyalty and devotion to teams  like the Giants and the Niners remind me that he will always stick around.  Even when I'm a loser. 

29. He always gives me his heart.  Artichoke and otherwise.  28. His passion for Jesus and serving His people.  This picture was taken while helping his mom rip up her carpet and replace it with hardwood floors.  And actually it's Kim and Kelly serving.  Which brings to mind another reason why I love him so much.  He has an amazing ability to move people to action and he only uses it for good.  27. He takes KK on ice cream dates.  He values his role as daddy and understands the lasting importance of spending quality time  with them.

26. Movie night at Kayla's school.  Speaking of Kayla's school, he has aspirations to be president of the PTA.  Look out, Sunnybrae.  25. He takes the safety of our children very seriously.  24. He loves Friday Night Lights, The Office, Whale Wars and Kitchen Nightmares almost as much as I do.  And Shark Week.

23. He is super helpful with the girls and loves getting them bathed and ready for bed.  And allows Ashy to wear Kayla's PJ's.  Which Ashy loves also.  22. He makes pizza from scratch.  21. He's a fun dad.  And allowed Ashlyn to wear her Halloween costume before even leaving the store.  And for most of the month, actually.

20. He is excited about ministering to our community and sharing Christ.  19. He watches with delight when Ashy swings a bat.  It's usually at her sister but he's not really concerned about that.  Definitely more interested in her form.  18. He takes artsy pictures.

17. He shares his bed.  And sometimes gets kicked out.  BAD summer habit.  We'll regulate when school starts.  16. He genuinely enjoys helping others.  Like his mom when she bought a new car earlier this month.  I think in his next life he will be a certified pre-owned car salesman.  He loves the whole process which I think is the weirdest thing EVER.  15. He loves Kobi.  The only other man in the house.

14. Our little Ashy at one of her many doctor's appointments this past year.  I love him because he constantly reminded me of God's plan and purpose through all of it.  And now, I can honestly say that I see this huge trial as a gift.  God is going to use it and her in big ways.  And I am thankful to my dear husband for continually reminding me of that fact.  13. He loves to take our babies to the zoo.  12. And to the beach.

11. And to movie dates with friends.  10. And to the snow.  9. And to Starbucks.

8. And to the park.  7. And to the pumpkin patch.  6. And to creepy, plush m&m factories.

5. He has discernment.  Todd Friel, pictured here, (and who spoke recently at a conference Dave attended) is the host of one of the more "legit" shows on Jesus TV.  Dave likes to watch late night Jesus TV and analyze its' theology.   I don't know why I love this but I do.  I have, however,  banned him from calling the hotlines to debate with the prayer warriors.  4. He listens to a Paul Washer sermon at least once a day.  3. He loves music.  And so does Ash.

2. The CityTeam housecat.  Sent with caption "Show to KK, please."  I love him because he's constantly thinking about his girls, even when he is not with them.  1. Daytime Skyline snow date while girls were in school.  He values our time together and invests in our relationship.  He is a true, living example of a biblical husband and father, who loves Jesus first and foremost, and I am blessed beyond belief to be married to him.

Happy Birthday, babe!  I love you and am thankful for all you do.


  1. Awesome!! Happy Birthday Dave!!

  2. So special. :) Why do you always make me cryyyyy??? Love it, Jess. Love you guys. Happy Birthday, Dave!

  3. Thanks babe, one four three, and if any of the above is true, it is by God's grace alone. For the record, I do listen to P-Dub but it's about once a month, that is all any man can take!

  4. Wow, I thought I knew Dave very well, but I learned a few new things about him from this! And Jess you are an amazing writer.